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781 million reasons

781 million reasons for Nedap Library Solutions.

We live in a time where 781 million people can neither read nor write. We live in a time where the prosperity of a country is defined by education. It is in these times that we realize even more how fundamental libraries are. Nedap’s library portfolio is there to support these libraries.

Our core principle is simple. We offer easy, robust and beautiful products to eliminate repetitive tasks for librarians. That is how we enable librarians to help and advice their visitors. This core principle has brought thousands of libraries to life and we are far from finished.

We offer easy, beautiful and robust solutions for every library, no matter where and no matter how big. You might work for a small community library in Vietnam that only needs items to be secured or for a large university library in New York that needs support with re-shelving books, self-service solutions and efficient logistics. Dive into our product portfolio and let us know… How can we help you?

We go beyond the book.

A worldwide influence
Nedap is the only organization to develop and produce their own RFID solutions for libraries. Nedaps library solutions are used in thousands of libraries over the entire globe. Amongst the institutions that use our portfolio are public libraries, universities, documentation centers, embassies, high schools and special libraries.

Save costs and improve your service
With our products we eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce costs and improve service levels. This means libraries can stay open longer and librarians have time for their visitors again. That’s how Nedap brings libraries back to life. Find out how we can help your library in this brochure.