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Staff Station

Process multiple items at the same time

The Library staff station functionally replaces the barcode scanner. The unit enables staff to check in or check out items and convert barcoded items to RFID. It can be connected to existing hardware as a standalone solution. This means that staff can perform all required activities without having to integrate with your information system. If requested you obviously can integrate Librix staff stations with any Library Management System.

Scan multiple items

RFID technology has a lot of advantages as it does not need physical contact to be read. Moreover, RFID operates orientation independent. This means you can just place the items you want to scan at the RFID reader in any position. Moreover, you can scan multiple items in one go. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Security status

With the RFID Staff Station, librarians can easily check-in or check-out library items into or from the database. Differently than with technologies such as EM, it is not necessary to separately activate or deactivate the security of the item. When the library staff checks-out a book or other item with the Nedap Staff Station, the security is deactivated immediately. The security is automatically activated when this item is checked-in again.

Controlled reading area

The standard Nedap staff station consists of an RFID reader positioned on a desk/table (table top model). Nedap also offers a specially developed shielded reader. This reader can be installed under a desk or table and is minimally influenced by external factors such as metalized objects in the reading area. Additionally, due to the shielding a defined reading area is created. This enables you to place items on your desk, which are only detected when intended.

Easy installation

It is very easy to install the Nedap Staff Station through the USB connection. The Staff Station is connected to the PC or to other existing hardware at your staff’s desk. Once connected you install the software and you are ready to go.