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Stylish and discreet protection of your library collection

Your library’s collection is a valued community investment. Protect your library resources using Nedap's detection antennae.

The detection antennae help you protect your print materials and digital media from unintended removal or theft. When someone walks between the antennas with a library item that is not checked out properly an alarm will sound.

The PG45 communicates with a seperate EcoReader. Nedap's EcoReader comes with a free energy management module, that saves you up to 60% in energy consumption on a yearly basis.

Alarm monitoring

When someone walks through the security antennas with a library item that is not checked out properly an alarm will sound. Through the Nedap software module for alarm monitoring you will be able to see in the database which library item has caused this alarm. So you will always know what the status of your library items is.

Exclude incoming alarms

An alarm will sound every time someone walks through the security gates with a library item that has not been checked out properly. This happens when someone leaves or enters the library with such an item. With the Nedap Detection Antennae it is possible to exclude incoming alarms. This way there is only an alarm when someone walks out of the library and not when he walks in.

Enable wheelchair access

With the PG50 antenna the entrance can be as wide as 1.35m. This easily enables access to disabled people and will help you to be flexible in terms of accommodating goods in and out through your entrances. Additionally, with the modular base solution for quick assembly/disassembly you can easily dismantle one of the antennas in case of a panic event. Another benefit of this solution is the fact that you can allow large objects, e.g. furniture, to be delivered through the standard entrances.

  • PG45

    Dimensions (mm):

    Ca. 1665 x 480 x 143 (HxWxL)


    Metal / Plexiglas


    Ca. 29 kg





    Supply voltage:

    230 V

    Operating voltage

    24 V

    Power consumption:

    Max. 10 Watt

    Communication ports:

    USB / UTP






    13.56 MHz


    CE / EMC / UL / FCC / ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3.1


    • Attractive design
    • Inconspicuous
    • High 3D detection rates
    • Eco friendly
    • Integrated Customer Counting
    • Wider entrances
    • Selective lamp signalization

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