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Mid Ranger

A shielded 13.56 MHz antenna
The MidRanger with antenna is a multi-purpose solution for reading RFID activated library items on 13.56 MHz. The product allows for a short-range shielded detection field, and can be used as a desktop solution or can be mounted under a (non-metal) table.
The reader and antenna are both based on the 50Ω standard. The 50Ω enables standardized communications allows alterations in cable length between the antenna and the reader.

Award winning design
The flowing stainless steel design allows books to be easily slid over the robust reader, while giving it a robust build. The solid weight and rubber feet ensure the product does not move when the product is used. A combination of beautiful materials and a thin feel make sure the product fits any library environment.

High mobility
The MidRanger has been designed with mobility in mind. Due to its rubber sockets and robust design you can easily place it on any flat surface, without worrying about scratches. Want to mount the reader beneath a surface? Just remove the top casing and use the four attachment points to mount your reader under any desk.

Use existing PC’s
The standard MidRanger consists of an RFID-reader and an antenna, which can be placed on top or can be mounted under a table. The reader can be connected to existing hardware (PC) and/or Library Management Systems over an USB or LAN connection.