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Intelligent Shelves and Trolleys

An incredibly easy way to check-in books.

The principle of Intelligent Shelving is simple; it’s the easiest item check-in in the world. We developed antennae that continuously scan the books present on shelves. They can tell when a visitor placed a book and automatically check it in. 

The shelves are a huge success amongst the world’s leading libraries, and our global study with 1080 libraries has shown why. Libraries that adopted Intelligent Shelving have 18% more books checked-in than libraries that haven’t done so. 

The easiest check-in in the world!

Intelligent shelves detect and identify all items that are placed between the RFID bookstands. When situated near the entrance of the library, it is easily accessible for a patron. He places the books on the shelf and the items are automatically checked-in in your Library Management System.
All the items are directly available for the next patron to be borrowed. Consequently, close to 30% of all books returned are checked-out on the same day.

Quick and Easy

Returning an item does not take more than just placing one or more books on the library trolley. Anywhere. That’s it. No more queues, no more waiting in line. Through our direct link with your Library Management System, every item that is returned is automatically checked-in. No passes that need to be scanned. Just drop and go.

Move it

Whenever one of your intelligent library trolleys is nearly full, you simply un-click it from the info terminal and roll it into your library where you can return the books to the shelves or make the trolley available in the ‘just-returned’ section. In the meantime you just click an empty trolley into the info terminal so the lenders have an empty trolley at their disposal again!

Increased circulation

Normally speaking, after check-in, an item can be behind the counter for at least a day. With an intelligent shelving solution it nevertheless is available immediately. Due to this, in libraries that use an Intelligent Return Trolley for returning items, 30% of all returned items are directly taken from the trolleys by other patrons and checked-out on the same day. This greatly increases circulation and reduces the amount of time staff need to spend on reshelving.


  • Checking in is super easy
  • Books are ready to be lent again immediately
  • Alarm on tag is switched on immediately
  • Multi-item processing
  • User friendly and suitable for all ages
  • Low maintenance cost through Intelligent shelving
  • Build-in Intelligent Shelves or Self-service solutions in existing or bespoke furniture