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BiblioCheck 6

BiblioCheck 6

Faster, easier and simpler
Booster Labels

Booster Labels

Optimize the detection performance of CDs and DVDs


High performance in an eco-friendly reader
Intelligent Shelving

Intelligent Shelving

The easiest check-in in the world!
Librix Online

Librix Online

Clear Library Workflows

  • Librix Online
    Librix Online
  • Staff Station
    Staff Station
  • Intelligent Shelving
    Intelligent Shelving
  • Self Service Station
    Self Service Station
  • Booster Labels
    Booster Labels
  • BiblioCheck 6
    BiblioCheck 6
  • EcoReader
  • MidRanger
  • LibAssist Handheld Reader
    LibAssist Handheld Reader
  • SelfServer
  • PG45i
  • PG50
  • PG45

About us

Nedap Library Solutions is a division within Nedap that focusses entirely on delivering innovative RFID technology for libraries worldwide.

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Find the perfect RFID solution for your library:

  1. Item Identification
  2. Staff Solutions
  3. Patron Solutions
  4. Intelligent Shelving

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