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Library Management Systems

Library Management Systems

All over the world libraries use different Library Management Systems to work with their RFID equipement. Nedap's software has been succesfully integrated by partners in thousands of libraries with more than 60 Library Management Systems.

Nedap's products are fully compatible with the SIP2 and NCIP protocol and actively supports several international data models:

  • VOB or Dutch data model 4.10
  • Danish data model or ISO 28560-3
  • ISO 28560-2
  • French FR01 data model
  • TV2 English data model
  • Multiple proprietary data models

Nedap partners have established a succesfull integration with the LMSes below. Is your Library Management System not on the list? Then please contact your local Nedap partner for more information.

Library Management Systems that partners have integrated

  • Absys / AbsysNET / -Express (GFI / Baratz)
  • Alegro OEB (BZ Niedersachsen)
  • Aloès (Opsys)
  • Bibliotheca 2000 (Bond)
  • Broccade (Cipal)
  • Concerto (Bibliomondo)
  • Fluxus EasyCat (Nexus)
  • IT Accent
  • Millennium ILS (Innovative Interfaces)
  • Pica / Sisis Sunrise (OCLC)
  • Portfolio (Bibliomondo)
  • STAR/Libraries (Cuadrastar)
  • Access IT Library (Access IT)
  • Aleph / Alephino (Ex Libris)
  • BBV (Rechenzentrum Moers)
  • Bicat / Bicat.Wise (HKA)
  • Cadic (Cadic Intégrale)
  • Eclipse / Eclipse.Net (Microlib)
  • Gedidoc (Groupe BeLINK)
  • KOHA (Open Source)
  • Nanook (AFI)
  • PMB (PMB services)
  • SBN (Lombardia Informatica)
  • Vubis / Vubis Smart (Infor / GEAC)
  • aDIS/BMS (aStec)
  • Alexandrie (GB Concept
  • BCDI (CRDP de Poitou-Charentes)
  • Bidoc (Forrez BVBA)
  • Carthame / Paprika (Decalog)
  • Flora (Ever Ezida)
  • Horizon / Unicorne / Symphony (SirsiDynix)
  • Libero (LIB-IT / Infologic)
  • Orphée (AID Computers / C3rb)
  • Portal 2000 (BiBer)
  • SOL - Sebina Open Library (Data Management)
  • Winbiap (Datronik)


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