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The Netherlands, Rijksmuseum Research Library Amsterdam

Implemented by Autocheck Systems BV

Over 400.000 art historical media secured through RFID technology of Nedap. N.V.

After 10 years of renovation, restoration and rebuilding the Rijksmuseum opened its doors again on Saturday April 13th. Three days later, Tuesday the 16th of April, the library was reopened for visitors.

After months of restoration work the result is astonishing: a very attractive 19th-century reading room with its original decorations. Daily, visitors are welcome to ask questions on the collection or to look into a book or magazine from the extensive collection of history and art history reference works and collection catalogues.  The adjacent study room has a modern interior where visitors are welcome to study the special collections of the Print Room and the library.

The Rijksmuseum Research Library is one of the main art libraries in the world. Catalogues of auctions and exhibitions, trade and collection catalogues, as well as books, periodicals and annual reports relating to the museum collections have been collected without interruption since 1885.

RFID Technology

To be able to monitor and secure this extraordinary collection the library makes use of the RFID security system of technology company Nedap N.V. Autocheck Systems BV integrated and implemented the security and self-service solutions in the Rijksmuseum Research Library. “We are proud that we could cooperate in a project like this,” Rien Sluijs, director of Autocheck systems BV, says.


The library of the Rijksmuseum has chosen to offer the possibility of a self service solution for a select group of members. The self-service stations in the library are designed in the same style and will perfectly fit the surroundings of the library. Sluijs continues: “The result of the three-storey high historical library is amazing. Especially the fact that the Nedap security antennas are integrated in such a way that they completely blend into the library, whilst maintaining the open character, makes them the perfect choice for this impressive room. We don’t want the security system to arrest more attention than the beautiful wall decorations, restored cabinets and gorgeous terrazzo floor in the library.”


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