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Italy, Bergamo Alta Library

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The Bergamo library originates from 1768 and is one of the four oldest libraries in Italy. The Bergamo library has a modern complex and a historical complex occupied with the preservation of 800.000 historical items; the Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai. These historical items mainly consist of books, manuscripts and globes. The library contains 12.000 items from the 6th century, while 2150 items are from before the 6th century.

To protect these historical items against theft the library previously used an EM system, but the library demanded a more reliable detection system to secure it's inventory. It is estimated that about a 100 historical books were lost each year because of false alarms or no alarms at all. To help the staff secure and handle their precious books they asked Tirrenia to install an RFID solution based on Nedap PG45i gates and robust MidRangers. Roberto Biggi from Tirrenia:

"I’m proud to install our Nedap products in one of the most important libraries in Italy. We carefully listened to the wishes of the Bergamo staff and offered them a fitting solution. We see how the staff love the new, easy MidRanger and the beautiful detection gates."

In the modern complex of the Bergamo library Tirrenia installed SelfServers. . After the installation Tirrenia held an introduction day at the Bergamo library to instruct staff and visitors in the modern library.

"An introduction day isn't very common in Italy, but was deeply appreciated by the staff and visitors. The Bergamo library didn't just choose Nedap products, they also chose for Tirrenia, as a reliable and caring system integrator. We are looking forward to a strong and long time relationship." 

For the staff in the modern library the new solutions are a welcome addition. More and more staff retires from the library, but no new staff is acquired. This left the librarians worried, because they still want to be able to help all the visitors properly. The new RFID solution is relieving them of repetitive tasks and makes sure that they can help visitors. The library now placed a new request for an outdoor Dropbox and Autosorter to better serve its visitors.

The entire project took 1 year and is now completed. Tirrenia S.R.L. are proud that they have been chosen for this RFID project in Bergamo.

Photo of Bergamo Alto Entrance by Giorces - WikiCommons (13 February 2007).


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