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India, VNMKV (Agricultural University)

Implemented by Beegees Computers Pvt. Ltd.

The Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University (VNMKV) is located in the rural Marthwada region of Maharashtra. The library of this Indian university is serving thousands of students and faculty members per week, with extreme peaks during examination time.

The library is managed by Dr. G.P. Jagtap. With his PHD an Post-Doctoral Fellowships in the USA and Australia he does not have a clear library background. However, when the professor became library director of the VNMKV library, he took it upon himself to improve the library standards with the help of RFID technology:

"The library was in urgent need of automation as the library - which is housed in a separate library building - was being managed with just 3 permanent staff and around 10 temporary staff members."

Beegees Computers Pvt. Ltd. listened to the wishes and issues the library staff presented. The staff was unable to cater to the high demand of the students in the current situation. On understanding their issues Beegees demonstrated how their products could help the library with a live RFID demo with Nedap's miniature products. The convincing demo left the library with the wish for a following RFID installation:

  • 2 Staff Stations
  • 1 Self Service Station
  • 1 Intelligent Trolley with Info Column
  • 2 PG45 Detection Gates
  • 1 Handheld Reader
  • 50000 RFID tags (Started off with warm collection. Actual collection is 125000)

After Beegees Limited Pvt. Ltd. carefully planned and excuted the installation, the VNMKV library is now run very smoothly. One of the main issues was that manual handling of books caused a lot of workload and reshelving time. With RFID,  checking in and out books is a fast process. The shortage of staff is no longer an issue, as repetitive tasks (checking in, checking out and reshelving) have been reduced dramatically with RFID systems for libraries. 

Checking out new books is mostly done by Nedap's Self Service Station, while checking in book is done for 90% by Nedap's Intelligent Trolley. This is has significantly reduced the incidence of non-locatable books for the library.  Returned books are instantly available again in the Intelligent Trolley and misplaced books in the library can easily be found with the provided Handheld Reader. 

Biraj Valia from Beegees Computers Pvt. Ltd. is satisfied and happy with the RFID setup in the VNKMW library:

"It was a great fulfilling moment when we finished the RFID installation and were approached by many students who were eager to use the new library solutions. That eagerness and enthusiasm showed us and the librarians how acceptable the technology is for visitors, even if they haven't grown up with modern technology."

Installed Intelligent Trolleys

Installed Self Service


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